Championing for Evil – Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror - Official Poster - from

Mirror Mirror – Official Poster – from

Mirror Mirror (2012) 

Director: Tarsem Singh
Writers: Jason Keller (screenplay) and Marc Klein (screenplay), Melisa Wallack (screen story), Jacob Grimm (original story) and Wilhelm Grimm (original story)
Stars: Lily Collins, Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer

Why are all the fairytales coming back? And in force too. Especially Snow White. Seriously did someone in Hollywood just send the same idea to everyone and multiple platforms take it up in different styles? From Once Upon A Time to Snow White and the Huntsman to Mirror Mirror it is getting ridiculous how much this story is being rehashed. I mean the original Disney film – the first of the Disney Princesses – was a classic, but it’s not that great a film if you watch it back. I spend most of my time wanting the dwarves to throttle Snow White so she will stop that incessant singing. Has anyone had a higher pitched voice apart from the mice in Cinderella? I can almost stand the mice in comparison to Snow. Anyway, sidetracked getting back on course, Mirror Mirror is the first Snow White adaptation that I have really enjoyed and wanted to witch to win. I mean who can’t love Julia Roberts as an evil witch/step-mother, she’s brilliant as an evil woman and has the perfect beauty and evil laugh to get away with being both likable and hate-able. The film doesn’t take itself seriously which is such a relief. There are points at which I lost it in fits of laughter because of the deliberate mocking of itself – a shiny glint in the eye or bling of the teeth, whoever suggested that idea has my utmost thanks. It’s a comedy that works within the fairytale genre because we all know how silly fairytales are. Evil loses to Good. Snow always gets the Prince and the Evil Queen and her minions are banished to a life of hell under Snow’s reign as Queen. There is something so sublime about a film that tells a story so well but makes fun of itself that I truly love. It’s the combination of the cleverness to know when to be comic and when to be serious that is truly wonderful. I would suggest that not everyone will like this film as much as I did, it is cheesy and incites a particular kind of humour to be able to be enjoyed rather than found to be stupid, but I rate it and it’s all for a bit of a laugh. I would watch this version of Snow White over the original Disney any day.

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